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  October 19, 2017 

Important Information about the End of CyberSpace and Shutting down the InterNets

How to find Cyberspace's end and shut down the Internet.

Many web surfers and parents are concerned about the dangers that lurk at the end of Cyberspace.  Internet gurus know that this is a real issue and have recommended that your shut down your Internets to prevent risks and accidents to inexperienced web users when they reach the edge of Cyberspace.  They have provided the following instructions on how you can protect yourself by shutting down the Internets.  Details on how to save the Internet onto your PC for off-line browsing - before you shut it down - are also provided.

Please check the Global Internet Status picture on the right - the more red it is, the closer we are to the catastrophic end of Cyberspace.  Also check the "IPv4 Exhaustion Counter" below the picture - values less than 85 indicate that the Internets are about to break down!

Ensure your family and friends are safe - pass on this information and Remember this site: Bookmark this Site!

Here is some more information:

Follow these Simple Steps to Shut Down the Internet:

Note: Before you turn off the internet, don't forget to download the Internet so you can surf it off-line even after it has been shut down!  MyWebDownload.com provides the Internet for Off-Line Browsing as 28 easily downloadable Files or as 14 CDs in an attractive Gift Box.  Order NOW!

What to do After You have Shut Down the Internet:

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Internets Shutdown - Latest News:

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Global Internet Status

The End of Cyber Space
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